Shock Detection Cable

Shock detection cables consist of :

  • sensors installed on fencing panels.
  • connected to a control unit.

People who attempts to climb over or cut the lines are detected by the sensors. Intrusion signals are transmitted to the control units which then trigger an alarm. The shock detection cables utilize the existing fencing at the site to be secured.

Shock Detection System for Fences

G-FENCE 3000 is a shock detection system for perimeter fences. G-FENCE 3000 detects fence vibrations generated from intrusion attempts by cutting, climbing or pulling out the fence. The system then transmits alarm information via the MAXIBUS UNIVERSAL HUB.

Application of Shock Detection System

  • Airport perimeter security
  • Container cargo perimeter security
  • Hospital perimeter security
  • Power plant perimeter security
  • Industrial perimeter security
  • School campus 
  • Superior residential area
  • Military base
  • Police station perimeter security 
  • Shopping mall perimeter security

G-FENCE 3000

  • Easy Installation : Standalone solution,little civil engineering
  • Reliability : Distributed intelligence, event filtering
  • Efficiency : Precise location, zoning
  • Protection area : G-FENCE 3000 is ideal for securing long perimeters up to 3200 meters.
  • Connections : 136 relays, RS485 ports, IP connection

G-FENCE 600 & 600Z

  •  Easy installation : Self-calibration, up to 600 m perimeters
  •  Reliability : Detection through analysis of vibrations, sensitivity and number of impacts
  •  Remote maintenance : Integrated web server, consists 1000 event log history