Since 1987 and thanks to our know-how and experience, SORHEA has established itself as the market leader and specialist for perimeter intrusion detection systems.
A key actor on the European security market, SORHEA offers the widest and most comprehensive product range with the entire range of perimeter intrusion detection technologies.

Active Infrared Barriers

Active infrared barriers are composed of :

  • TRANSMITTER CELLS that emit beams of invisible infrared light.
  • RECEIVER CELLS that detect the beams and analyze wheather they are correctly received.

By combining these two cell types, active infrared barriers form an immaterial wall.
When one or more beams are interrupted, the system triggers an alarm.
The columns are positioned facing one another and are installed along the perimeter of the site to be protected.


D.S.D technology enables an independent management of the cells :

  • DYNAMIC : cell by cell infrared scan
  • SCAN : 1000 beams / second
  • DETECTION : improved opacity of the detection wall


Zoning Function : Up to 3 detection zones can be modify
Connection : IP technology for maintenance and set up at distance
Reliability : Beams multiplexed through wired synchronization
High Performance Infrared : Bottom beam control, dual detection, triple detection.etc
Specific Modified Application : Train & metro discrimination


  • EASY INSTALLATION : Autonomous barrier, no civil engineering or cabling
  •  RELIABILITY : Communication through secure and trusted radio protocol. High power of detection
  •  INNOVATION : 1st autonomous, long-range (100m) infrared barrier on the market