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To prevent any unnecessary disaster loss,

To ensure personal safety,

To reduce industrial risks,

Provision provides you the best product and integrates fire disaster warning system, liquid leak detection system, perimeter defence system, access control system to ensure you high specification security.


VESDA with its Aspirating Smoke Detectors has been recognized as the best technology to prevent fire disaster.

Reasons to choose VESDA

  • Industrial and Business project that need to be consistency and continuous 
  • When smoke detection is not suitable
  • When evacuation is very difficult
  • Location that inaccessible and hard to maintain

We offer you the most advanced liquid leak detection system. 


  • Digital cables to locate the precise leakage location
  • No false alarm
  • Discovers liquid leak in early stage to do prevention
  • More time to response before disaster happens
  • Easy installment and maintenance 

Simplifying people’s lives

Gallagher security solutions protect what’s important to you.

Access control, intruder alarms, perimeter security and business policy execution are integrated with powerful software to create a smarter, more cost-effective way to operate.

You’ll have peace of mind with an intelligent security solution designed to ensure business continuity, create efficiencies, protect your assets and keep people safe.

  • The SOLARIS independent columns form a real immaterial wall of detection.
  • Powered by a solar panel and an integrated battery.
  • No civil engineering is necessary during the installation.
  • Using radio mesh to transmit alarm information reliably and efficiently.
  • Integrates a very powerful radio transmitter/receiver with low power consumption.

When the infrared barrier detects an intrusion, the alarm information is received by all the nearby infrared columns which in turn re-transmit it automatically. After that, the intrusion will alert the control centre system.

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