Perimeter Tension Sensor
The Z10 Tension Sensor measures the mechanical disturbance of a tensioned fence wire to reliably detect unauthorized access and raise an alarm when it is deflected during an attack. It continuously measures and reports wire tension and integrity in real time, identifying when maintenance is required or when the fence has been damaged.

Applications of tension sensor

The Z10 Tension Sensor can be installed to provide fence wire disturbance detection for a wide range of applications.

  • High security installations such as embassies, military, police and correctional facilities.
  • Combustible environments such as oil refineries and petrochemical facilities.
  • Local council facilities such as depots, abandoned vehicle yards and animal control centers.
  • Civil infrastructure such as water utilities and energy substations.
  • Transport and logistics businesses.
  • Equipment and bonded storage facilities.
  • Border facilities at sea and air ports.
  • Warehousing and manufacturing facilities.

Perimeter Tension Sensor solution

The Z10 Tension Sensor provides superior, intelligent fence wire disturbance detection by overcoming shortcomings in conventional taut wire technologies.

  • Easy system design and installation.
  • Retrofit and upgrade compatible.
  • Real time tension measurement.

Features and benefits

  • Continuous, real-time, wire tension measurement displayed in kg or lb, overload protection.
  • Attack alarm based on single or multi sensors.
  • Differentiation between environmental changes and attacks to minimize false alarms.
  • Self aligning even in variation mounting angle.
  • Compatible with energized and non-energized fences.
  • High and low wire-tension maintenance alarms.
  • Fast installation
  • HBUS communication protocol, compatibility with high security.
  • AES* 128bit encryption